Use of Ozone in Wastewater Treatment

2021/7/14 10:33:50

The use of ozone to disinfect sewage is becoming increasingly important, especially when a high degree of treatment is required. Ozone is a strong disinfectant with a high oxidation potential and is one of the most effective ways of inactivating pathogens.

When ozone is applied as a gas for drinking water treatment, it is done primarily because of its oxidative strength. ... More importantly, ozone will effectively destroy bacteria and inactive viruses more rapidly than any other disinfectant chemical.


The patented modular cluster design of our NLO ozone generation system realizes rapid assembly and production from small to large. It has a 150kg ultra-large ozone generator full-load test platform, and has an ozone generator from 25g/h to 150Kg/h. Production experience and manufacturing capabilities can meet the needs of different application fields.

Our NLO series ozone generator system has been widely used in water treatment such as sewage treatment and drinking water treatment and has achieved very good results.