Drilling fluid centrifuge

2020/12/31 16:13:58

The drilling fluid centrifuge is a horizontal spiral unloading sedimentation centrifuge. It is an important solids control equipment in the drilling platform and belongs to the five-stage solid particle control machinery in the drilling mud solids control system. The drilling fluid centrifuge can quickly restore the specific gravity of the drilling fluid, remove fine solids, reduce the solid content of the drilling fluid, control the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid, and can effectively solve the problem that the cyclone device cannot separate the ultrafine and harmful solid phase. It is an efficient science Ground drilling provides a reliable guarantee and is an important equipment in the fields of oil drilling, coalbed methane drilling, and environmentally friendly waste mud treatment.

decanter centrifuge 2.jpg

Drilling fluid centrifuges can also be called mud centrifuges, which are divided into fixed speed centrifuges and variable frequency centrifuges. Low-speed centrifuges can be used to recover barite, and high-speed centrifuges can be used to separate solid particles with a diameter of more than 2 microns. It can be used for solid phase control in drilling engineering, and it can also be used to treat waste. The centrifugal sedimentation principle is used to separate the drilling suspension. The suspension enters the drum from the feed pipe through the liquid hole in the screw pusher, and the solid particles are pushed to the inner wall of the drum under the action of centrifugal force, and pass through the screw pusher. The upper blade is pushed to the slag discharge port at the small end of the rotating drum, and the liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole at the big end of the rotating drum. Such continuous circulation to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.