Introduction and performance advantages of decanter centrifuge

2020/11/30 11:20:40

Horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is referred to as decanter centrifuge for short. It is a horizontal spiral unloading and continuous operation of high-efficiency centrifugal separation and dehydration equipment.

Type: Decanter centrifuges can generally be divided into horizontal spiral filter centrifuges and horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuges.

Scope of application: The decanter centrifuge is suitable for dewatering the sludge produced in the process of industrial and civil sewage treatment. It is also widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Working principle: The drum and the screw rotate at a high speed in the same direction at a certain differential speed. The material is continuously introduced into the inner cylinder of the conveying screw from the feeding pipe, and then enters the drum after being accelerated. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the heavier solids are deposited on the rotating drum. A sediment layer is formed on the drum wall. The conveying screw continuously pushes the deposited solid phase to the cone end of the rotating drum and discharges it out of the machine through the slag discharge port. The lighter liquid phase forms an inner liquid ring, which continuously overflows the drum from the overflow port at the large end of the drum, and is discharged out of the machine through the discharge port. The machine can continuously feed, separate, wash and discharge materials at full speed.

Performance advantages:

1. Good adaptability: In the process, the various special requirements of the material and process on the centrifuge are fully considered, and the main components are optimized in terms of specificity and adjustability. As long as the user explains the place where it is installed and used, the physical and chemical characteristics of material handling, and the process requirements before purchasing the machine, we will provide the user with the most suitable model.

2. High degree of automation: The feeding, separation, unloading, and other processes of the centrifuge are continuously and automatically carried out under high-speed operation. A programmable controller is used to realize automatic control of centrifugal separation and centrifugal washing process. 

3. Good operational stability: The differential used in the centrifuge is a cycloid differential or a planetary differential, which has the characteristics of large torque and wide adjustment range. 
4. Strong manufacturability: The centrifuge adopts dual-motor dual-frequency energy feedback differential speed system control, which can adjust the differential speed flexibly and steplessly, and adjust the differential speed at any time according to the changes of materials. A real energy-saving product.
5. Good operating environment: The separation of materials by the centrifuge is carried out under completely enclosed conditions to ensure that the operation site is clean and pollution-free, and the production environment is clean and hygienic to achieve civilized production. 
6. The safety protection device is complete and reliable: the centrifuge is equipped with multiple protections such as torque protection and power control, which can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by sudden failure to the machine. 
7. Beautiful appearance: The base of this machine is welded with high-quality carbon steel, and the surface is treated with special technology to make it smooth and flat. Lightweight, generous, beautiful, giving people a sense of overall beauty. 

Performance characteristics: The main components are made of high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel. The pusher adopts special wear-resistant measures, which can be inlaid with hard alloy wear-resistant tiles or hard alloy protective layer. Using cycloid pin wheel differential, low noise, strong carrying capacity