What are the ways for sludge recycling?

2019/10/30 16:53:23

As people are paying more attention to sustainable economic development, the resource utilization of treated sludge has also attracted more and more attention. In recent years, with the development of China's economy and the unceasing advancement of urbanization, urban sludge has gradually increased. The traditional methods are sludge landfill, sludge farming and sludge incineration. But the sludge landfill will cause some environmental problems. In order to meet the three principles of “harmlessness”, “reduction” and “recycling” in sludge treatment, the sludge low-temperature wall-breaking carbonization treatment technology is adopted to fully realize the resource utilization of sludge.


The sludge low-temperature wall-breaking carbonization process can recover about 80% of the organic energy in the sludge, and produce biochar with a wide range of applications. Compared with other technologies on the market, it realizes the resource utilization of sludge, and veritably makes waste profitable. The main use values of its final products are reflected in: 

(1) floor brick, tray and other general construction raw materials; 

(2) green fuel, which can be used for heating of the system itself, coal-fired thermal power plant, garbage incineration plant, etc.;

(3) improvement of land hardening, which can help to quickly restore the saline-alkali land into a good field; 

(4) new adsorbing material - activated carbon, which features in fast adsorption, outstanding adsorption and balance capacity; 

(5) being partly used as snow melting agent, which can facilitate road cleaning; 

(6) straw can be used as paper pulp; 

(7) kitchen waste can be used as high-value biomass charcoal.

Sludge low-temperature wall-breaking carbonization technology can not only solve the adverse impact of sludge on the environment, but also solve the problem of land occupation by sludge, and turn waste into treasure, which is more in line with ecological and sustainable development strategy!