Our Decanter centrifuge serves for soy milk production successfully

2016/6/30 16:29:17

There was heavy rains in Mid-June in Jiangxi Province. The workshop becomes a real sauna room because of the very hot air weather. But no matter how harsh the working environment is, our enthusiasm to explore new industry can not be burned out. We are testing the separation result for one of our soy milk customer.

After the soybean soaking, washing, grinding paste and cooking, finally the feeding material with 105 ℃ high temperature flow into the decanter to get a separation of soybean milk and bean dreg. Such a high temperature and stringent demand for the separation result is indeed a serious test.

We adjusted the parameters carefully, and got a pleasant separation result. Our decanter’s quality, sanitary requirement,  convenient operation totally meet customer’s demand. Now it serves there, and guarantee our customers to produce high quality of soy milk products.

      豆浆分离前.png   分离后豆渣.png