How does the ozone generator perform sewage treatment? What are the advantages?

2021/9/17 10:10:58

The ozone generator mainly produces ozone gas to achieve the effect of sewage treatment. In terms of water treatment, it has the advantages of strong oxidation, stable effect, and no secondary pollution.


Ozone generator in sewage ozone treatment process:

The pretreatment of ozone-sterilized sewage is very important, and the effect of ozone sterilization is often affected by insufficient pretreatment. The degree of sewage treatment must be determined through technical and economic comparisons. The best way to sterilize sewage is to use ozone after secondary treatment. This can reduce the dosage of ozone, reduce equipment investment costs and operating costs.

Advantages of ozone generator in water treatment:

1. Ozone is an excellent oxidant, which can kill viruses and spores with strong chlorine resistance;

2. Ozone sterilization is less affected by the pH value and temperature of the sewage;

3. Ozone can remove pollutants such as color, smell, taste, phenol and chlorine in sewage, increase dissolved oxygen in water, and improve water quality;

4. Ozone can decompose difficult-to-biodegradable organic matter and tertiary substances, and improve the biodegradability of sewage;

5. Ozone is easy to decompose in water and will not cause secondary pollution due to residue.

Ozone has a very high sterilization efficiency when used for drinking water sterilization, but it often requires a larger dosage of ozone and a longer contact time when using sewage sterilization. The main reason is that there are high pollutants such as COD, NO2-N, chroma and suspended solids in the sewage. These substances will consume ozone and reduce the sterilization ability of ozone. Only when the sewage undergoes necessary pretreatment before ozone sterilization Treatment can make ozone sterilization more economical and effective. The mass transfer effect of the contact method of ozone and sewage will also affect the dosage of ozone and the sterilization effect.

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