How to use the ozone generator correctly?

2021/8/11 17:06:06

How to use the ozone generator is a problem that everyone has always been concerned about. There are mainly seven points for the correct and safe use of the ozone generator:


  1. The ozone generator installer must go through technical training before it can be started for maintenance;

  2. When using the ozone machine to sterilize, it is strictly forbidden for staff to go to work and work in a high-concentration ozone environment;

  3. Remember that when the equipment is maintained or repaired, the power supply is cut off and the ozone is vented, which can ensure the safe maintenance of personnel;

  4. If there is any abnormality, please cut off the power immediately or notify a professional person for maintenance.

  5. Qualified dedicated grounding wire, safe and reliable grounding, prohibit installation in hazardous areas where ammonia gas is easy to leak or explosion hazard

  6. The operator should know the application method of the ozone generator in the technological process and be able to operate the sterilization equipment proficiently.

  7. In the event of ozone leakage, it is necessary to turn off the ozone generator as soon as possible, and turn on the ventilation equipment for ventilation treatment, immediately exit the space used by the ozone generator, and enter after the residual ozone in the space drops to a safe range.

  Hope the above seven points can help you to use the ozone generator correctly.