What is the composition of an ozone generator?

2021/7/26 15:09:46

The principle of ozone generation by the ozone generator is the dielectric barrier discharge method (a more commonly used corona discharge method), that is, the gas discharge phenomenon generated by applying and increasing the alternating voltage between the electrode and the discharge space blocked by the dielectric body.


The ozone generating chamber is a device composed of multiple sets of ozone generating units. The ozone generating unit is a basic component that generates ozone, consisting of a dielectric body, an electrode separated by it, and a discharge space. The ozone generating unit includes a high-voltage electrode, a ground electrode, and a glass dielectric tube between the two electrodes. A gap is formed between the ground electrode and the dielectric tube, and a spiral support is provided outside the dielectric tube.

Belt, the gap is mainly used to generate ozone, and has a rotational guiding effect on the air flow; a gap is also formed between the dielectric tube and the high-voltage electrode, and a metal auxiliary electrode is provided outside the high-voltage electrode. The gap is mainly used for cooling and auxiliary discharge, and has Throttle and cyclone effect. Each ozone generating unit generally has 1-2 dielectric tubes penetrated into a grounded electrode tube, and multiple ozone generating units are connected in parallel to form an ozone generating chamber.


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