Why us

Our capability based on years of accumulated experience

Decanter centrifuges is among the most complicated machines in solid/liquid separation. 
Only a deep understanding of the mechanisms and comprehensive knowledge of processes can ensure the best separation results. More than 20 years, we served more and more customers, while we accumulated more and more considerable experience.

First class of manufacture facilities

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Best service
Not only the best product and technology, we also supply the best service. We know our responsibility. We solve in a way that is exactly tailored to the customer’s requirements.

GREEN accepts integrated business consultation from customers, provides technical guidance and support according to specific requirements of each customer, and formulates optimum solutions.

GREEN takes charge of installation guide, initiatively and regularly communicates with customers, knows service conditions of customers, feeds back customer information in a timely manner to relevant management departments and manufacturing enterprises for appropriate disposal, and provides field maintenance services.