Sludge dewatering


Decanter Centrifugal Dewatering Unit

During the whole treatment process, the centrifugal dewatering unit performs cutting grinding, feeding, thickening, dewatering, slagging and conveying of materials, dosing of flocculant and monitoring on running state of the whole system through the control system of PLC+ LCD. For users, the unit, as a complete set of fully automatic operation unit, is an ideal turnkey project.

1. Sludge feed system

The system consists of cutting machine, feed pump, electromagnetic Flowmeter, electrically operated valve, hand valve, pipe, etc.

2. Flocculant dosing system

Users can select the dosing device of auto powder or emulsion. After being fully dissolved and cured, flocculant mixes with dilution water and then enters the thickening centrifuge. Under the action of flocculant, fine particles in materials cohere into larger ones, thus improving the handling capacity of equipment and reducing the solid content in clear liquid separated.

During the operation, water inflow and additive dosage can be adjusted through electronic control valve and dosing pump to achieve a satisfactory separation effect.

3. Thickening & dewatering system

Decanter centrifuge is the key equipment in the thickening and dewatering system. GREEN decanter centrifuge can fulfill the functions of thickening, dewatering and integrated thickening & dewatering.

4. Mud cake conveying system

Screw conveyor is of shaftless design, which can effectively avoid blocking and twining, and can transfer dry, wet, viscous and powdery materials.

U-enclosed slot is of closed type, which is specially applied to polluted, odorous, dangerous and clean materials.

The mud cake conveying system can also adopt dried mud pump or belt conveyor.

5. Automatic control system (PLC+ LCD full automatic control)

Automatic control system is of intelligent and full automatic operation type and has such functions as continuous monitoring, real-time feedback, failure alarm, data display, etc. which allows the centrifuge in the optimum operating state all the time. The unit is easily managed through monitoring and displaying current, voltage, flow rate, main motor speed, differential, pushing torque, temperature, etc.

PLC control system can network with PC on site or in the central control room for communication via communication port. The monitor of PC can dynamically display sludge dewatering production process, give real-time feedback and control operating states and main technical parameters of various facilities.