Food & Beverage

The production and processing in food industry have rather strict requirements on sanitation and hygiene. Decanter centrifuge can provide solid-liquid separation with a closed treatment environment that meets international food and 3A Sanitary Standards. Components and parts contacting with liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel, and are polished and grinded, thus preventing separated solids from sticking to surface of parts. In order to avoid deposited solids from rotting in the system, a special CIP system can allow the automatic and thorough washing inside the bowl.

Decanter centrifuge can be applied to the production of various products:

1. Protein separation of soybean, peanut and dairy products

2. Starch dewatering

3. Juice beverage deslagging

4. Dewatering of distillers’ grains

5. Cane sugar deslagging

6. Beer-making wastewater

7. Extraction of instant coffee and tea  

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